Saturday, December 02, 2006

Doesn't this just give u the warm fuzzies... mom and baby together at last.. needless to say I didn't get much knitting done today.. I was taking some pictures of mom and baby.. baby getting changed.. baby drinking from a bottle for the first time.. dad with baby.. and more baby pictures. We are hopeful that Jayden will be coming home soon... I did get a little knitting done.. not much.. maybe I'll post that tomorrow.. (^_^)


KattyKatFlash said...

He is sooooo cute and chubby. I loves the chubby babies.

Mary Triller said...

Again congratulations to all. Jayden is soooo cute. And yes, you are all in our prayers and I am glad that they are giving you strength and peace through this whole situation.

Just think, you will all be together soon in the warmth of your own home.

Hope to see you Sunday!!