Monday, December 11, 2006

How could I resist!!!.. alpaca on sale... and I really like the colors.. yes this is the same yarn I'm using for socks #3... its so soft to knit with..I just had to get more and who knew there was a sale going on.. (^_^)

and... another harlot scarf finished..I just have to weave in my ends..this scarf was knit with patons SWS just like that other 2 harlot scarfs I made..

OOOO my.. the head looks so warm today.. all bundled up in manly knits in manly colors.. it even looks like it has a beard today.. a dark gray beard.. right next to the head and scarf are socks # 2 .. these will be for my bf.. every Christmas he gets a pair of hand knit socks...he accused me of making the toes pointy on purpose... 0.0.. I think its just his feet..!!

right now I'm casting on another Christmas present... time is running out.. yikes!!

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