Monday, December 04, 2006

sigh... new yarn... and it was on sale too.. can't beat that!!.. I needed a bit more sock yarn.. and someone didn't care for the colors of SWS for their scarf ..." would prefer.. plainer colors.." they said.. so I bought some gray to black wool called araucania nature wool..the pretty purply alpaca yarn is for another pair of knitty thuja

here is the progress of my current project...I'm almost to the toe of sock #1..

I probably would have finished that sock already if I hadn't casted on and started knitting another Halley's comet hat .. this time in charcoal manos del uruguay....

and this was another purchase... anyone who knows me .. knows I'm not crazy about wood needles..maybe because i knit on the firm side and the stitches do not slide very well on wood...and I knit my socks on 2 circular needles.. but I had only one metal needle and the other one was wood .. so I ran to ac moore to pick up another metal circular needle after our visit to Jayden yesterday and the only metal circulars were susan bates... I was pleasantly surprised when i opened the package .. the cable that is usually thick and stiff.. was.. thinner and very soft .. more like the other brand of metal circular needles I use.. and...I really like this needle.. it fits just right in my hand.. yay for susan bates.. on the circular needle upgrade.. (^_^)

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Brena said...

Oh, I like the socks and the hat!

Hooray on Susan Bates upgrade. I'll have to try them out again.